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本文摘要:Morpheus London作为伦敦优质奢华住宅的造梦师,以考究的细节、深思熟虑的方法和富有激情的创新实现。这次先容的是他们最新的三个奢华住宅。


Morpheus London作为伦敦优质奢华住宅的造梦师,以考究的细节、深思熟虑的方法和富有激情的创新实现。这次先容的是他们最新的三个奢华住宅。Morpheus London is the dreamer of London's premium luxury homes, with sophisticated details, thoughtful methods and passionate innovations. This time we introduced their latest three luxury homes.Salucci House, Zagaleta艺术与设计的联合Morpheus London最近完工的这个26,000平方英尺的别墅,位于西班牙南部,坐落在'La Zagaleta'的马贝拉山脚下;是欧洲最奇特的住宅开发项目和乡村俱乐部之一。

Morpheus London are delighted to share the recent completion of a 26,000 SQFT villa, located in Southern Spain and nestled in the foothills of Marbella within ‘La Zagaleta’; one of Europe’s most exclusive residential developments and country clubs.从大门打开到发现俯瞰马贝拉山的无边泳池,人们不禁爱上了今世别墅修建雄伟的气力。室内与修建气势派头相一致,安宁、平静和富有现代感。

细节受到艺术家Roger Salucci的启发和影响,别墅因此得名“Salucci House”。Salucci的主要参考是艺术家使用景观作为一个关键主题,特别是叶子、绿色和他作品的有机性。

From the moment the gates open at the top of the drive to the discovery of the infinity pool overlooking the hills of Marbella, one cannot help fall in love with the power of the villas architectural contemporary grandeur.True to the architecture, the collective interior is cool, calm and contemporary, with the details inspired and influenced by the artist Roger Salucci, of which the villa takes its name ‘Salucci House’. The main Salucci references are the artist’s use of landscape as a key subject and specifically leaves, the colour green and the organic nature of his compositions.进一步视察设计,你会发现今世家具流动的形状如何微妙地呼应了Salucci绘画中绵延起伏的丘陵。此外,在Pierre Frey面料“Carnaval,Noir&Black”中装饰的垫子等重点作品还进一步参考了Salucci风物画中的形态。

Looking further into the design you will see how the flowing shapes of the contemporary furniture subtly echo that of the rolling hills within a Salucci Painting. Additionally, accent pieces such as the cushions upholstered in the Pierre Frey fabric ‘Carnaval, Noir & Black’ give yet further reference to the forms and shapes taken from the Salucci landscape paintings.在一些设计精致的定制家具中,绿色被优雅地融入到中性色调中。其中一件作品是主卧室的长椅,它的形状来自一片落叶,用一种富厚的绿色天鹅绒装饰,很自然。在整个项目的协同作用下,同样的绿色元素贯串于四柱主床后面漂亮的草墙,到接待区斗胆的地毯和热带树叶;雄伟的修建和对室内细节的关注形成了一个艺术和统一的方案。

Pops of green have been gracefully layered into the neutral colour palette as seen in some of the beautifully designed bespoke furniture pieces. One such piece is the master bedroom bench, taking its form from a falling leaf and true to nature is upholstered in a rich green velvet. The synergy throughout the project sees this same green running through elements from the beautiful grass wallcovering behind the four poster master bed, to bold rugs and tropical leaves within the reception area; the grand architecture and this attention to detail throughout the interiors result in an artistic and unified scheme.Bury Street, St. James具有凝聚力的现代气势派头Morpheus London最近完成了位于伦敦圣詹姆斯市中心33号Bury Street的公寓,这是一个与Jermyn Street相距只有一步之遥的大型修建。从装饰华美的商店橱窗到古典修建,这个地域沉醉在英国历史中。

在这里,您会发现一些世界上最优秀的成衣和绅士服装,更不用说无价的艺术品和世界著名的食品餐厅。Morpheus London have recently completed redesigning a apartment scheme in the heart of London St James’ at 33 Bury Street, a large period property a stone’s throw from Jermyn Street. From the items adorning the ornate shop windows to the classical architecture, this area is steeped in British history. Here you will find some of the world’s finest tailors and gentleman’s clothiers, not to mention the priceless artworks and the world renowned food hall;2017年带来了Bury Street 33演变的新的篇章。

凭据Crown Estate的指示,Morpheus London很是自豪地为今天的豪华住宅市场完成了这座历史修建内部的重新设计。六间公寓分为三层,展示了最新的现代气势派头生活,同时保留了原有修建的时代特色。


2017 brings the next chapter in 33 Bury Street’s evolution. Upon instruction from the Crown Estate, Morpheus London are very proud to have completed the redesign of the interior of this historical gem for the luxury residential market of today. The six apartments, covering three floors, showcase the latest in contemporary style living whilst maintaining the period features of the original building.Bury Street 33号始建于1900年,它最初的红色陶土外墙和比例优美的铅制凸窗让人一眼就能认出来。从烟囱上的格子砖设计到窗户上的防盗网,每一个细节都散发出一种放松的雄伟气息。在内部,您会注意到同样的情况。

穿过前门进入错综庞大的瓷砖地板后,你会在镶板大厅的止境看到原来的鸟笼电梯。从顶部的照明系统到平滑的大理石浴室,每一层今世奢奢华都经由经心挑选,与历史特色平行。Dating back to 1900, number 33 Bury Street is easily recognisable for its original red terracotta exterior and beautifully proportioned leaded bay windows. An air of relaxed grandeur exudes ever y detail, from the lattice brick design on the chimneys to the shields in the windows. Internally, you will notice the same. Having stepped through the front door into the intricately tiled floor you will be greeted by the original birdcage lift at the end of the panelled lobby. From the top of the range lighting systems to the sleek marble bathrooms, each layer of contemporary luxury has been carefully selected to sit in parallel to the historical features, such as the original ironmongery and cornicing.从椅子上使用的面推测木作的细节,内部的灵感来自富厚的文化遗产和原有的修建特色。


Morpheus London认为乐成的豪华住宅设计的神奇之处在于细节。主卧室衣柜上的把手是用窗户上看到的把手形式的青铜制成的。接待扶手椅接纳结构别针条纹羊毛装饰,主卧室床头板上的现代细节设计灵感来自于充满鞋子的鞋柜。

纵然是冷灰色的织物调色板和带有勃艮第元素的富厚蓝色也类似于当地服装商中的元素。这些细节巧妙地贯串33号Bury Street的整个内部,营造出一种具有凝聚力的现代气势派头。From the fabric used on the chairs to the detailing of the joinery, inspiration for the interior has been drawn from the locations rich cultural heritage and the buildings architectural features. Morpheus London believes the magic for successful luxury residential design lies in the details. The handles on the master bedroom wardrobes have been crafted from bronze in the form of the shield seen in the windows. The reception armchairs are upholstered in structural pin stripe wool and the contemporary detailing on the master bedroom headboard has drawn inspiration from brogued shoes. Even the fabric palette of cool greys and rich blues with elements of burgundy resembles elements found in one of the local clothiers. These details subtly run throughout the whole interior of number 33 Bury Street for a cohesively styled contemporary setting.Nova, Victoria完美的都会天堂Morpheus London最近在Land Securities的'Nova SW1'完成了一套顶层公寓样板房。

位于十楼的四卧室公寓设有两间接待室,享有伦敦西区的壮丽景致,定制家具以及照明设施。Morpheus London have recently completed a further show penthouse at ‘Nova SW1’ for Land Securities. The tenth floor four-bedroom apartment features two reception rooms with stunning views across West London, upholstered walls and bespoke furniture and lighting throughout.该项目的灵感来自于自然曲线和蜿蜒的形状,使用精致的色彩和女性形式的表示,营造出奢华通风的内饰。这些自然曲线在主卧室中尤为显着,其中三米高软垫床头板接纳皮革和绒面革流动的对比面板,胡桃木边框上隐藏的led灯为其照明。

所有四间卧室都接纳了这些流动的对比床头板,缔造了一个豪华和柔软的情况,差别的配色方案和形式将每个房间区分为一个奇特的空间。The project draws its inspiration from natural curves and sinuous shapes, using delicate colours and hints of the feminine form to create a luxurious and airy interior. These natural curves are particularly evident in the master bedroom, where a three metre upholstered headboard features flowing contrasting panels in leather and suede, illuminated by hidden LEDs in the walnut border. All four bedrooms feature these flowing contrast headboards, creating a luxurious and soft environment, with varying colour schemes and forms differentiating each room into a unique space.主要的接待室将这些流动的曲线延伸成圆形家具,以咖啡桌为中心,笼罩着大理石和玻璃顶。一个像树枝一样的定制铜枝形吊灯带来了大自然的灵感,一直延伸到绿色墙壁的花园房间;将室内设计与白金汉宫的树木笼罩的地面毗连起来。一个令人赞叹的酒吧柜在打开时跨越三米,它的镜面和黄铜架子与相邻墙壁上织物包裹的电视细木匠形成互补。

The main reception room continues these flowing curved lines into round furniture, centred around a coffee table with overlayed marble and glass tops. A branch like bespoke copper chandelier brings an inspiration from nature, carried through to the garden room with its green walls; linking the interior design to the tree covered grounds of Buckingham Palace. A stunning bar cabinet spans three metres when open, and its mirrored and brass shelves create a complementary feature to the fabric wrapped TV joinery on the adjacent wall.柔和的自然形状的设计延续到餐厅,那里有完整的镶板墙壁和织物包裹的木作特征。这种镶板一直延伸到大厅,大厅里有一块12米长的定制地毯,一直延伸到镜面细木匠和控制台,引导你穿过小书房。在整个项目中,自然的曲线和柔软的纹理缔造了一个柔软诱人的情况,在Belgravia中心中心形成了一个完美的都会天堂。

The soft natural shapes of the design continue through to the dining room, where full panelled walls and fabric wrapped joinery feature. This panelling continues through to the hall which has a twelve metre bespoke rug that runs down to a mirrored joinery and console, leading you past the small study room.Throughout the project, natural curves and soft textures create a soft inviting environment, resulting in a perfect city haven in the centre of Belgravia.。